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I’ve been wanting to say thank you for my beautiful Maine Coon Kitten Miss Cobie Grace. I’m very thankful that you all provided me with helpful information and kept me posted when she was a kitten until the day I could pick her up. I feel like I’m family and I know that Cobie Grace is definitely family. I am so happy and so please to own my first Maine Coon and I thank y’all for all your help and information you provided to me. And I would highly recommend you guys if anybody wants a Maine Coon Kitten.They are so loving and so sweet and that reassures me that they came from a very good home. Thank you 😊

Lisa Garon

Thought I would post a few words about Aliana Maine Coons (my friends!)
The owners/family are a very " hooman and Mainecoon, cattery unit." All members of this family are involved in this MC cattery.
Their home/cattery is setup for the benefit of the cats (adults, expecting mom cats, newborn nursery and kittens!) There is a lot of knowledge, care and thought out plans in their setup and care of their precious kitties!
Each one is raised with love, socializing and good vet care and a very nutritional raw diet. Not one fluff is neglected in any of their growth, emotional, socialization and play needs. They have lots of toys that stimulate their CATNESS to come out. Pets, love and play are part of their daily lives at all ages...just ask the big boy cats, they will talk back to you! (Yes, talking to kittens/adults engages them to connect to you!) All 7 of my non-MC and my MC cats, all carry on conversations.
The breeders are very knowledgeable on all aspects of raising and caring for a MC. (I have become fast friends with the owners and pick their brains often as my mentor! I will be setting my own cattery hopefully next year.)
Being owned by a MC is an experience I would highly recommend to anyone! Get to know a breeder before you purchase a forever baby fluffball or retired Queen/ Stud adult MC.
I would recommend and I do...Aliana Maine Coons often to anyone looking for their forever baby! Lots of love here in this cattery. Alias Momcat.❤🐾🐒🐈❤

Enola Harrington

I was doing research on reputable breeders for over a year and Aliana Maine Coons is absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgeable and attentive, responding back quickly to every one of my questions (doesn’t matter how silly they might be) and willingness to speak with me over the phone, not just messaging! Her COONS are gorgeous to say the least. They are loving and compassionate folks that treats their kittens as part of their family making the adjustment into their forever home effortless! Our furry baby coon stole our hearts immediately and she is healthy, friendly, playful, and affectionate. The whole experience with Aliana Maine Coons was exceptional and seamless, I can’t thank them enough for giving our family our precious girl. If you are looking for your forever Maine Coon, I highly recommend Aliana Maine Coons!

Sharlee Fricks

September 2018 I have been eyeing Maine Coons from about 4 U.S. Breeders and finally decided on Aliana Maine Coons. In late 2017, I was interested in a litter that they had near the Holiday period. During that time, Aliana was patient with me as I did live Messenger calls to see the cat in action. I finally decided that I wanted to wait for a male, and so I kept Aliana Maine Coons on my watch list. In the summer of 2018, I received a notification from Aliana Maine Coons that The Fantastic 4 Litter was born from Lara and TigerBrave on June 14. One was a beautiful brown male, “Thing”. I chatted with Aliana about the cat and his temperament, and immediately reserved him with a deposit. The entire process was very easy. They were most patient with my many questions during the reservation period as I waited for Thing to come to his forever home in Washington DC. Aliana delighted me with pictures and videos during the reservation period. While it was hard to wait, it was so worth the nearly year-long wait for this beauty. Thing would be shipped, and they gladly arranged for everything with United PetSafe. As planned and with the weather cooperating, my beautiful kitten arrived. He was anxious to leave his travel cage and couldn’t wait to be set free. He arrived in superb form. He is confident, well socialized and a joy to be with. I am so happy that I chose Aliana Maine Coons for my baby. I am certain he will grow into a fine young man.

Rochelle Bratton

I have one of the most loving, cuddly, seat stealing boy kitties. He is young energetic and will lay in any position we hold him in. He has stolen our hearts and he keeps our older kitty young. They play chase off and on all day long. He is too curious for his own good but he doesn't mind the Great Danes because he thinks he is just as big as they are. Aries is his name. Bebo and Tigerbrave are his parents. This boy is only a kitten not even full grown and he already surpasses our 4 year old kitty.

Jessica Young

We researched and watched breeders in the US for a few months before making our decision, we wanted a specific look and temperament for our next house cat and when they posted a photo of our girl we knew she was the one! They were a breeze to work with, had lengthy phone conversations they interviewed us as rigorously as I would hope any responsible breeder would. She shipped to Minnesota very well and adjusted nicely, shes a thriving healthy gorgeous girl and we have zero complaints!

Becca Cartwright

We recently acquired a new family member from Aliana Maine Coons. The kitten “Human Torch” is now Ian Michael. 
I have had several Maine Coons over the years & this one is excellent! His links & tufts are extraordinary. Aliana did a fantastic job on socialization. Ian has an amazing personality and is a kitten-bundle of love!
I’d recommend Aliana Maine Coons if you are looking for a quality kitten!

Nanette Cagney

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