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Aliana Maine Coons

Here at Aliana Maine Coon cattery we

breed healthy, striking characters, Texas Style Texas Sized XL MC's, pedigree gentle giants they are known for. Aliana Maine Coon is registered with The International Cat Association TICA. Aliana Maine Coons is based in the heart of Houston/Sugar Land, Texas metropolis area.

It seems we the cats and kittens own every sqft of this estate. home;. We have the HOO-mans cater to us four legged furbies as their attendant. Daddy & Mommy both have professional careers. They also have three little HOO-babies that help us and play with us keep us pretty occupied and keep us entertained. For more information on current litters, availability and future plans please do not hesitate to send an inquiry. We will be more than happy to contact you at our earliest opportunity.


Mr & Mrs Aliana

About Aliana: About
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